The Smart Selling Training Program is a customized sales training program by Smart Skills Trainers Ltd whose objective is to train sales teams to consistently perform at optimum levels and maximize their potential.

Smart Skills Trainers Ltd. is a Kenyan based corporate employee training consultancy firm. Our experience in the corporate training industry is unrivaled. We offer a variety of employee training programs including Customer Service Training Program, Team Building Training Program, Leadership Training Program, The Smart Selling Training Program among others.

The following is a detailed breakdown of key aspects of the Smart Selling Training Program that make it the best sales training program in Kenya.

It Drives Sustainable Behavior Change

The Smart Selling Training program produces real behavior change and improves your firm’s sales margin thus improving profit margins. This training program is not a single event, but rather, it is a part of an overall sales training system designed to create sustainable changes in sales behaviors of corporates' and organizations' sales teams. The program includes sales team assessments, in-depth customization, engaging training and reinforcement.

It is Uniquely Customized

No sales organization is the same. They are unique firms that have different cultures, operating procedures, goals and challenges. That’s why most sales training programs are ineffective. In order to avoid all these, the smart selling training program is tailor-made for your organization. This allows us to integrate personalized case studies, examples and exercises that address your unique sales challenges. These aspects are also enhanced to help with the real-world application of these skills.

It integrates an Ongoing Reinforcement System

It is an open secret that reinforcement helps us retain what we have learnt. Most trainees quickly forget what they've learned and revert back to their original behavior. Our sales training program include post-training reinforcement sessions, job aids, and tools to ensure that new skills learnt become habits.

Engaging Facilitators and Trainers

Our highly experienced facilitators utilize a "learning by doing" approach that best supports behavior change. This helps participants’to better grasp and practice their new skills-set using realistic role plays and exercises while receiving real-time coaching and feedback.

The Smart Selling Training Program is sure to equip your employees with the relevant skills to improve your sales. Visit our offices today or contact us for more information and a reasonable quote.

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