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Once in a while, you and your team get the feeling of wanting to let loose while enjoying the tranquillity of nature. In such times, outdoor team building activities are perfect to help you relax your mind and more importantly provide you with a chance of taking a break. In the contemporary corporate world, outdoor team building has emerged as one of the most common activities where individuals interact with each other outside their line of work. A large portion of corporate organizations has embraced outdoor team building as it plays a fundamental role in employee management.

Outdoor team building activities are designed to help individuals and groupa become a team. In most cases, these activities accentuate on key four areas; communication, problem-solving, adaptability, and trust. The specific goals of outdoor team building activities differs from one organization to another; that why at Smart Skills Trainers Ltd, we have the best team building facilitators to help you navigate this complicated route. Some organizations may intend to use outdoor team building activities to try to build trust among their employees while others may want to develop their employees' problem soving skills.

Outdoor Team Building Activities

There are several outdoor team building activities which can be done to attain specific organization goals. Some of these activities that are fun in nature, but they play a significant role in building the team. In most cases, these activities are done during one day or multi-day programs which involve activities such as paintball, bonfire, moonlight walk, bush breakfast, hiking, among others. The choice of any activity depends on the objective of the team. At Smart Skills Trainers, we offer all program for outdoor activities within a company’s budget. We also provide a customized package to make sure that everybody enjoys the day as well as achieving the set goals. For instance, hiking and rock climbing and camping are some of the team building activities that may take more than one day.

Most of our outdoor team building activities aimed at exploring and enjoying the beauty in nature while attaining organization specific goals. We offer several fantastic team building venues in different parts of the country for outdoor activities. However, when making this choice, the issue of budget is crucial, so we advise that you contact us for a free quotation, as you design your team building checklist. We offer an array of outdoor team building events that will prove to be beneficial for your company or organization.

Why Outdoor Team Building is Recomended

Physical Exercise

Outdoor team building activities are involving. Thus they allow individuals to exercise their bodies. This helps the employees to relax their mind and bodies while improving their well-being.

Better Social Skills

Team building games and activities demand that every person is involved. This provides the best setup where individuals interact with one another, thus improving their social skills.

Increased Work Productivity

The main reason why a company should undertake an outdoor team building event is to help the employees forge a relationship that will make them a better team. Outdoor activities help a team engage and relax, thus improving their overall performance.

Some Outdoor Team Building Games


A team playing paintball aims to make sure that it enhances cooperation. A team cannot complete a paintball task effectively if there is no coordination among all members of the team. This game is fun, improves bonding and makes a team understand one another better.


Hiking is among the best outdoor team building activities for your team. Hiking allows people to work as a team while navigating the breath-taking sceneries in different counties in Kenya. It helps the team bond thus improving their communication and performance.

Tag of War

This is an excellent team building activity that lets the team have fun but also enhance bonding. Our team building facilitators will help the team immerse themselves in this eventful activity that will be beneficial to both employees and the company.

To organize such activities requires time planning and having the right person for the job. Given our experience in hosting corporate team building events, we are the right people for the job. Overall, team building is critical in corporate management as it focuses on improving performance of the team and thus growing the business. We have several sites that proved to be perfect for team building activities in Kenya. For more information, kindly contact us.

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