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When you notice your team’s morale dropping, it is time to consider adventure team building. At Smart Skill Trainers Ltd, we pride ourselves in being the best team building facilitators in Kenya. We offer an array of adventure team building activities that are tailor-made to suits your team’s needs, while still focusing on our key areas: communication, problem-solving, decision making, adaptability, and building trust. We will help you plan for the adventure team building while staying within the company’s budget. Our adventure team building activities aim to incorporate many elements found in traditional corporate team building events and to accomplish the in a more adventurous way.

Why Engage in Adventure Team Building?

Fun and Challenging Activities

At Smart Skill Trainers, we are focused on helping the team achieve its set goals. All our adventure team building activities are guided with our team building facilitators ensure you are safe. Most of these activities are physically involving. However, despite the various levels of physicality, our activities have the desired cognitive and problem-solving element to them.

Corporation and Contribution

The main reason for undertaking any team building event is to help improve some elements of the team. Our adventure team building activities help the team to have clear goals and to foster cooperation among team members. Our activities are designed to have balanced participation to allow the team to handle any challenge.

Enhance Communication

Working towards a clear goal helps the team enhance their communication skills, build better relationships, and develop trust and respect among members. In most cases, it is used when a team has several new members. However, communication will be needed to tackle the challenges of whether the team is new or known to each other.

Enhancing Problem Solving Skills

Our adventure team building activities are fun filled but also very challenging. The challenges help the team to recognize and appreciate its diversity of ideas and people. Working under pressure helps the team to nurture their innovative thinking while also challenging them to be successful outside their comfort zone.

Creating a Memorable Experience

Adventure team building activities help a forge a team and also creating memorable experiences. The activities provide the team members with a new experience that they can reflect on. The activities offer a team with a fun way to grow and make memories.

Adventure Team Building Activities in Kenya

Rock Climbing

Our team building venues offer room for rock climbing activities. Rock climbing activities are not only fun, but they help a person to remain focused. The events also provide a chance to see natural sceneries. Our team building facilitators are always on site to help you and make sure you enjoy the activities.


It offers the best outdoor team building activities for your team. Hiking allows people to work as a team while navigating the breathtaking sceneries our country has to offer. It helps the team bond thus improving their communication and performance.


Ever wonder how it would feel to shoot a co-worker, well, our paintball activities offers you this chance. It allows a team to enjoy a breath of fresh air as well as helping a team bond. It involves several scenarios undertaken by a small group to eliminate the other opposing team members to capture the flag. 

At Smart Skills Trainers, we have the experience to make your team building event a success. We guarantee a variety of venues where you can choose a site that works best for your company. Adventure activities represent the best way to continue success and boosting of teams performance. For more information, kindly contact us. You can also request a free quotation.

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