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Research has proven that high performing organizations have similar cultural strengths! What is culture? Culture is the “code” that signals the behavior of people in your organization. It is those unseen forces that guide behavior. Belonging to a team, in the broadest sense, is a result of feeling part of something larger than yourself. It has a lot to do with your understanding of the VISION, MISSION OR OBJECTIVES of your organization and much of it depends on the prevailing culture of your organization. Culture plays a great role in creating harmony within the team and has a direct role towards the performance of the team, hence the need for every organization to understand their cultural strengths and weaknesses.

In all organizations, there are both problems and opportunities to optimize the organization’s culture. Problems felt by employees include “I don’t feel comfortable speaking up” or “what I do doesn’t matter around here,” or “I get in trouble for doing the right thing.”  Point to a need to fully understand and organization’s culture. But improving culture is difficult if there is no way to assess it.

Through years of research we have developed an organizational culture program to help organizations understand the link between culture and performance and more so to create an empowering culture that is supportive of the Vision and Mission of the organization.

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