Arguably the greatest resource possessed by an establishment, be it a company, an institution, a corporation or government agency; is its human resources. This is the driving force behind most of the work done, and tangible productivity of any kind has to pass through them.

Why You Need Employee Training

Employee training has a profound effect on not just the peak in productivity of your staff but the organization as a whole. In this article, we will discuss some reasons why the training of employees is not only recommended but necessary.

  1. Employee Engagement and Focus

    If there is one killjoy for workers, it is monotony. Performing a certain task repeatedly leads to a creeping boredom and an eventual complacency which could have negative effects on general productivity. In a bid to prevent or quell this ugly trend, employers organize employee training sessions and seminars for their staff. These training sessions  help to maintain or reawaken the employees' interest in their work. Employee training also helps to stimulate the creative parts of their brains and introduce new concepts and ideas that will shed more light on their work. This enables your employees to view their tasks from a new perspective and tackle them head on with a sense of anticipation.

  2. Trained Staff Grows Customer Base

    Proper employee training entails teaching them on customer service skills ethics and how better to deliver to customers, and this will go a long way in improving relations between staff and customers. Nothing makes a customer more satisfied than an attentive and helpful employee. The advantages of having a satisfied customer are numerous. Satisfied customers will continue doing business and even possibly earn the company recommendations. It is also a known fact that in the business world, earning the trust and maintaining quality services for current customers is a cheaper way to gain new customers.

  3. Employee Training Integrates Values

    When staff are taken through extensive employee training programs to boost their output rate, a simultaneous and equally important lesson takes place, and that is the integration of the organizations values and culture into these employees. This gives them a total understanding of the mission and goals of the organization, making it easier for them to know the right way to handle and win over customers. A company training its own staff has an edge in being able to mould its staff into an army of ever ready workers.

  4. Training Inspires Loyalty

    A company that cares will go the extra mile of organizing regular employee training for its staff. Such a care is recognized by staff and inspires a confidence and appreciation which translates into the staff loyally advocating for the interests of the company; by channeling energy into winning over and retaining customers.

  5. Reduced Cost, Increased Revenue.

    Employee training is downright essential. With proper training, employees are brought to a level of performance, skill and ethics that enable them to work in higher positions in the company. This is because the training gives these staff the necessary knowledge of how to work and grow in the organization. Such promotions do away with the cost of external recruitment thus increasing revenue for the organization.

  6. Losing Staff Isn't Cheap

    Firing a worker as a result of complacency isn't cheap. While a company is well in its right to do so, the issue of compensation always has an impact on its accounts. Employee training helps to improve your employees' skills and abilities level and greatly reduce the possibility of firing an employee and starting the search to hire again which may incur a greater cost than regular training.

Employee training is important for all organizations, institutions and companies in Kenya. It always pays off when you look at the bigger picture, which is increased general productivity and reduced cost.

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