Many organizations, especially in Kenya, tend to look down on their customer service departments so much that when they want to down-size, they start with their customer service officers.

These organizations assume that all the customer needs is to get the services or goods and to pay for them. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Today's customer needs more than just a service or a product. He/She is well informed and has high expectations. Corporates that meet these expectations usually enjoy the fruits of return customers and increased revenues.

What is Customer Service Training?

At Smart Skills Trainers LTD we define customer service training as educating and equipping employees with the skills-set, the knowledge and capability to better serve customers and improve the customer satisfaction levels.

Importance of Customer Service Training.

By equipping your employees with these skills and taking them for customer service training programs, your business will gain and retain customers as you will be a level above the rest.

The following are a few important benefits of a well trained customer service team:

  • Customer Retention

    Satisfied customers tend to go back for a repeat of a good experience. This key aspect makes it vital for your customer service representatives to satisfy the customer’s needs. Customer service training programs change the mindset of your customer service representatives thus enabling them serve the customer well and hence, you retain the customer.

  • Customer Acquisition

    One of the most cost effective (actually it is free) marketing tool that keeps giving and never stops is referral. Satisfied customers always have something to say to their friends about their experiences. A good experience always gets a positive recommendation and thus more customers will come for the same good experience. Customer Service Training program will motivate your staff to be consistent and maintain high customer service standards thus reduce cost and increase business revenue.

  • Employee Retention

    Customer service training programs will give your employees the tools required to form a sense of unity and work towards a common goal, which is to satisfy the customer. This makes it hard for them to leave as they have a sense of belonging. Employee retention ultimately means a reduction in recruitment costs and thus better profit margins.

  • Increased Profit Margins
    Customer service training programs have a great impact on employee motivation and morale. These two factors make the employees post better productivity levels. The combination of all these factors leads to better profit margins for your company.

By having your employees undertake our customer service training program, you will put your firm in the ideal situation to: Retain customers, Acquire new customers from competitors, Retain employees and Increase sales.

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