Wouldn’t it be great if you could help your team on their journey to become a better team? Team building interventions require one to select the right tool for the job.

When planning for team building activities in Kenya, there is no better place to start than Smart Skills Trainers Ltd. At Smart Skills Trainers, we understand that groups are diverse; thus, we tailor-make each event to suit the specific needs and requirements of every group. When planning your team building event in Kenya, the following should be considered:

  1. Determine the Timeline

    Just like any other event, team building requires time to plan and execute. This can prove to be an overwhelming task for any person undertaking other duties. At Smart Skills Trainers we have the best team building facilitators in Kenya who will help you make the event a success. Once you’ve determined your rough timeline, our team will help you to create a task list to plan your scheduling in more details. A task list helps you to track when things need to be completed. Our team building facilitators will make sure that all the activities are carried out to the required extent as defined on the task list.

  2. Define Your Goals

    To have a successful team building in Kenya, you should have well-defined objectives for the event. This will help in ensuring that the team building training is both fun and effective. To define the goal, you need to consider the five “W” questions: Who? What? Where? Why? and When?. Giving detailed answers to these questions helps you to defined objective for a team building event.

  3. Put Together a Guest List

    Sometimes, determining a guest list will be as easy as counting the number of employees in your organization or department. On other occasions, deciding who will be attending the team building training may require a bit more effort. In the event you are unsure of who will be attending, you can use other parameters to come up with the expected number.

  4. Create a Detailed Budget

    The best way to put together a realistic plan is by involving all the relevant departments which include finance/accounting. You should understand how much is available and what is expected from the budget. In a scenario where there is no concrete amount set aside, you can be guided by the previous team building budgets. You can plan out the costs for your activity and keep track of your expenses along the way with a budget table, created in Excel. Feel free to Request for a Quotation for our team building training program

  5. Pick a Date and Time

    Picking a date might seem like the easiest task of all, but you have to consider the busy organization calendar before finalizing on the details. You should pick a date that most people are available. Depending on their availability, you can decide to run the event over a few hours or several days to accommodate more people’s schedule. Also, it is important to take into account the expected weather conditions. At Smart Skills Trainers we offer the best indoor team building in Kenya to ensure that bad weather conditions don’t affect your event.

  6. Choose a Venue

    The choice of venues for team building in Kenya can make or break the event. Smart Skills Trainers have a vast experience with a variety of charming team building venues in Kenya where teams can go about their team building activities. The locations are well distributed and offer the best conferencing as well as outdoor and indoor team building in Kenya.

  7. Devise a Logistic Checklist

    After the fundamental aspects have been decided, you should focus on the smaller day-of logistics surrounding your team building. By putting together a detailed logistic checklist, you can help prevent essential things from falling through the cracks on the day.

  8. Develop an Event Day Agenda

    Your team will most likely want to know what they will be doing during the team building event. At Small Skills Trainers, we recommend distributing the agenda, including team building games in Kenya that all the team members will be involved in during the event. A clear plan will enhance communication, thus making the event run smoothly.

At Smart Skills Trainers, we provide seamless collaboration with organizations for a successful team building. In addition, Our Employee training programs have been proven to equip staff to enable them to improve performance. Our training programs include Customer Service Training, Corporate Team Building Training, Sales Training (Smart Selling) among many other Employee Training Programs. For more information, feel free to Get in Touch with us. You can also Request for a FREE quotation.

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